Converting an Existing Zope/CMF Application to Pyramid

The Zope Content Management Framework (aka CMF) is a layer on top of Zope 2 that provides facilities for creating content-driven websites. It’s reasonably easy to convert a modern Zope/CMF application to Pyramid.

The main difference between CMF and Pyramid is that Pyramid does not advertise itself as a system into which you can plug arbitrary “packages” that extend a system-supplied management user interface. You could build a CMF-like layer on top of Pyramid but none currently exists. For those sorts of high-extensibility, highly-regularized-UI systems, CMF is still the better choice.

Pyramid (and other more lightweight systems) is often a better choice when you’re building the a user interface from scratch, which often happens when the paradigms of some CMF-provided user interface don’t match the requirements of an application very closely. Even so, a good number of developers tend to use CMF even when they do start an application for which they need to build a UI from scratch, because CMF happens to provide other helpful services, such as types, skins, and workflow; this tutorial is for those sorts of developers and projects.

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