In CMF, the “actions tool” along with “action providers” create an extensible mechanism to show links in the CMF management UI that invoke a particular behavior or which show a particular template.

Pyramid itself has no such concept, and no package provides a direct replacement. Actions are such a generic concept that it’s simple to reimplement action-like navigation in a different way within any given application. For example, a module-scope global dictionary which has keys that are action names, and values which are tuples of (permission, link). Take that concept and expand on it, and you’ll have some passable actions tool replacement within a single application.

The pyramid_viewgroup package provides some functionality for creating “view groups”. Each view in a viewgroup can provide some snippet of HTML (e.g. a single “tab”), and individual views (tabs) within the group which cannot be displayed to the user due to the user’s lack of permissions will be omitted from the rendered output.

The repoze.lemonade package provides “list item” support that may be used to construct action lists.

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